Civilian Economic Crimes Investigator

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The District Attorney is looking for result-oriented individuals to collaborate with attorneys in the vigorous enforcement of criminal and civil laws. Incumbents in this job class perform challenging investigative work resulting in the apprehension and prosecution of persons suspected of committing serious criminal offenses. This challenging and rewarding position will require effective communication skills and the ability to successfully partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as District Attorney legal staff.

The selected candidate(s) will be assigned to the Economic Crimes Unit-White Collar Crime Team, Insurance Fraud Unit, or Real Estate Fraud Unit and will be responsible for:


  • Investigating complex economic, insurance fraud, and/or real estate fraud cases
  • Working in collaboration with an investigator or investigative supervisor and preparing written search warrants
  • Conducting detailed interviews of victims, witnesses, and suspects
  • Working with forensic accountants in order to analyze financial and other records in search of evidence in assigned fraud cases
  • Searching for, identifying, seizing, and booking evidence
  • Assisting law enforcement personnel in searching for, seizing, gathering and analyzing evidence at crimes scenes
  • Operating investigative equipment such as digital audio recorders, digital or video cameras, and other equipment as assigned


  • Accessing local, state and federal computer databases
  • Collecting and analyzing financial documents
  • Being well-organized, keeping accurate logs, and preparing a variety of reports, exhibits, and other documents/records for court
  • Preparing or assist in preparing visual aids demonstrating method of operation such as charts and graphs linking victims, suspects, and financial institutions
  • Attending specialized training related to job assignment as required or directed
  • Locating victims, witnesses, and serving subpoenas or other court orders as assigned
  • Staying current with case law related to economic and/or real estate crime, office policies and procedures, as well as methods of investigation/evidence collection
  • Prepare and author search warrants


  • Working in collaboration with prosecutors and investigators from the investigative stage through trial, sentencing, and adjudication
  • Preparing clear, concise, accurate, and well written reports
  • Developing contacts and networking with local, state, and federal agencies
  • Providing courtroom testimony
  • Incumbent will be assigned a caseload and work independently as a case investigator

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The Application Period

Online applications will be accepted beginning Thursday, December 15, 2022, for a minimum of five (5) business days, and will remain open on a continuous basis until 11:59 P.M. PST on the day the County’s needs are met.

Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately.

Contact Information

Alissa Quintero

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